Fun experiments for kids – Play music with 8 glasses

fun experiment for kids

In this small and fun experiment for kids, we will assemble a set of glasses that will enable us to play different musical notes. We will discuss the principle of resonance. To play music, glasses have to vibrate. But why do they play different notes? Everything is explained below!

Equipment of this fun experiments for kids:

  • 8 glasses that are as similar as possible
  • A pencil or chopstick
  • Water

Instructions of this fun experiments for kids:

  1. Line up the 8 glasses on a table. Fill the glasses with decreasing amounts of water, so the glass on the left should contain more water than the one on the right and so on.
  2. Take a pencil and lightly tap the rims of the glasses. Each glass emits a different sound.

Explanation of this fun experiments for kids:

The sounds are produced by vibrations. Each vibration has its own speed, called a frequency. Hitting a glass with a pencil produces this type of vibration. The vibration speed depends on the amount of water in the glass.

A full glass has a fast vibration speed, so produces a higher pitched sound than an empty glass. Depending on the water level, the glass will have a faster or slower resonant speed. The sound will differ depending on the conditions.

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