Home experiment for kids – Make a paper helicopter in 2 steps

home experiments for kids

A nice home experiments for kids. Here are the patterns to build a helicopter. In this simple and fun experiment, I will show you how to make a small paper helicopter.

Equipment of this home experiment for kids:

  • A sheet of slightly stiff paper, but a normal sheet will do
  • Scissors
  • A paperclip
  1. Draw the pattern shown here and cut it out
  2. Fold the paper along the lines with circles and cut it along the lines with squares. Attach a paper clip to the base of the helicopter to weight it. Drop the helicopter and watch it spin around as it descends.

Explanation of this home experiment for kids:

This miniature helicopter operates thanks to its two blades. When the helicopter descends, the air exerts pressure on the blades. This force causes the paper helicopter to rotate. The air pushes the blades in the easiest direction.


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