Kids Science – Observe the weight of air

kids science experiment

In this small and simple experiment (Kids Science), we will discuss the weight of air. Does air have a weight? This experiment will allow us to find out. Air, like water, is a fluid.

Kids Science Equipment :

  • A skewer
  • 3 pieces of string
  • 2 balloons

Kids Science Instructions:

  1. Start by attaching one of the pieces of string to the middle of the skewer, so that it balances when suspended.
  2. Attach each of the two balloons to the other pieces of string, and then attach them to each end of the skewer. Balance the skewer by moving the string in the middle. Both balloons must be inflated and have more or less the same volume.
  3. Once the skewer is balanced, deflate one of the two balloons. What do you notice? The balance is tipped towards the inflated balloon!

Kids Science Explanation:

With this apparatus, we can demonstrate the weight of the air and confirm that it has weight. We feel the weight of this air on our shoulders as we feel the pressure in deep water. This is fluid pressure. As stated in the introduction, water and air are fluids. We feel the weight of these fluids according to the amount that is above us.

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