Plant experiments for kids – A plant that defies gravity

plant experiment for kids

In this plant experiments for kids, we will demonstrate the incredible ability that plants have to thwart the effects of gravity, as well as photosynthesis. Plants feed mainly on the elements present in soil and sunlight. They naturally grow towards sunlight in order to absorb the maximum amount of the sun’s rays.

Equipment of plant experiments for kids :

  • A fresh carrot with leaves
  • A toothpick
  • A knife
  • String
  • Water

1. Cut the carrot about 6 cm from the top. The top part is the end with the leaves. Cut the leaves, leaving only 3 cm of greenery.

2. The most difficult step is to scoop out the inside of the carrot to make a small hollow. Dig into the surface where you have cut the carrot.

3. With the toothpick, pierce the core of the carrot close to the cut edge and attach the string to each end of the pick. This will allow you to hang your carrot upside down.

4. Hang the carrot in a well lit area, for example, near a window. Most importantly, keep the little hollow filled with water at all times. Wait several days. The leaves of the carrot will defeat the laws of gravity and rise towards the light that comes from above.

Explanation of the plant experiments for kids:

In order to survive, plants need to synthesise nutrients in the soil through photosynthesis.
What is photosynthesis? You can imagine this process like digestion. It is the way that plants digest nutrients. Light plays a very important role in this process, a bit like gastric juices that facilitate the absorption of nutrients.
To survive, the carrot has no choice but to change the direction of growth of its stems. They move in the direction in which is it easier to capture the light.

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