School science for kids – Make a telephone with tin cans


School science for kids. In this experiment, we will see how to make a phone with tin cans! We will discuss the transmission of sound waves.

How can you see sound waves?

The easiest way is to throw a pebble in water and watch the ripples that occur on the surface.

Waves move at different speeds depending on the medium in which they travel. In air, the speed is 1227.6 km / h and in fresh water it is 5166 km / h. A simple change of medium affects the speed. For example, in salt water, waves travel at 5400 km / h.

School science for kids equipment:

  • A hammer
  • A nail
  • 2 tin cans or 2 empty yoghurt pots
  • A fairly long piece of string

School science for kids instructions:

  1. Make a hole at the centre of the bottom of the tin can using the hammer and nail.
  2. Pass the piece of string through the hole in the can and tie several knots to the end to prevent it from escaping. Repeat with the second tin can. Leave a distance of 5 metres between the two cans.
  3. There you have it, your telephone is ready. Tighten the string. You must not allow the string to go slack or to touch anything! While one person speaks into one can, the other person listens through the other.

School science for kids explanation:

Sound is a vibration that travels through different mediums, the most common being air. When you talk into the can, the string picks up the vibrations that are generated by your voice and transmits them along its length. On arrival at the other end of the string, the sound is then broadcast in the other can!

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