Space science for kids – Collect meteorites

space science project for kids

Space science for kids. How do I catch meteorites? With this experiment, you can discover a trick to recover meteorites that have fallen straight from the sky. The Earth is bombarded daily by tiny particles from outer space. These small particles that give rise to shooting stars sometimes fall to the ground! Here you’ll see how to catch these small meteorites that come from the depths of our solar system.

Space science  for kids equipment:

  • A bowl
  • Fine fabric
  • A magnet

Space science  for kids instructions:

  1. Fill the bowl with water and put it outside in an open area. You’ll have to be patient. Leave the bowl outside for several days.
  2. A few days later, filter the contents of the bowl with a fine cloth. Remove particles such as insects, leaves, etc. You should see small black particles on the fabric. Allow to dry.
  3. Once the particles have dried, pass the magnet over them. Some will be attracted to the magnet – these are small meteorites!

Space science  for kids explanation:

Small meteorites contain a lot of iron. Thanks to the magnet, you can tell them apart from other black particles. The bigger your bowl and the longer you leave it outside, the greater your chances of collecting something.

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